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Gimmicks, Games, and Greed

Category: Economy
Posted: 05/09/17 14:06

by Dave Mindeman

When Republicans are in charge of the legislature, we seem to get subjected to the most ridiculous budget gimmicks and games.

Even though the GOP controls both Houses of the legislature, they can't send Governor Dayton a unified budget. What is that about? Can't they figure this out between them. Do they have to send these confusing mixed messages?

And what kind of game are they playing by send up their budgets in the dead of night? Do they like the intrigue? Are they afraid of what might be seen in the light of day?

It can never be simple. Especially when Kurt Daudt is in charge of the House. He has to make it complicated. And he has to make it impossible for the Governor to be involved in a fair negotiation.

When their is a choice, and there always is a choice, between up front negotiations and confrontation, Daudt always chooses the latter.

But good feelings seemed to be abandoned as evening came. After dark, with no budget hearings or advance notice, the Legislature finalized most of their budget measures for votes as soon as Tuesday, the precursor to delivering them to Dayton. The governor found out about the move Monday night from aides monitoring Twitter. Specifically, legislative leaders had members of joint committees negotiating compromises on the budget sign off on GOP-written versions of the bills.

No outside input. Communication on Twitter. And dead of night sign-offs.

This is a new game, even for Republicans.

And the end result is trying to ram a budget through to get tax cuts to fuel a gimmicky budget which leaves out a number of priorities.

Why do we ever put Republicans in charge of anything?

It is always a disaster. Gimmicks and games - the Republican way.
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Trump's Magic Bullet

Category: Economy
Posted: 09/13/16 13:03

by Dave Mindeman

Here is something to ponder....

The incomes of typical Americans rose in 2015 by 5.2 percent, the first significant boost to middle-class pay since the end of the Great Recession and the fastest increase ever recorded by the federal government, the Census Bureau reported on Tuesday morning.

You are going to get two completely different takes on that from any Republican or any Democrat. A Democrat will say this is proof that our economy is headed in the right direction. Republicans will either ignore it or simply state it is not true.

The problem with economic numbers is that you can almost always talk about these numbers with opposite arguments. You can make them say whatever you want them to say.

Donald Trump has made trashing the economy the focus of his campaign. After all you can't make America great AGAIN, if it already is great.

And, when you get right down to it, there are always enough people, in good times and in bad, who are dissatisfied with their economic lot.... negative aspersions will resonate with them. And there will always be enough to make a significant counter argument.

Donald Trump is pretty much wrong about everything regarding the economy. But it doesn't matter. He has managed to get a megaphone to reach out to anyone who is behind in this economy.

It is OK to do that. They need a voice. But they need a voice who won't distort the reality as well.

I would venture to say that if Donald Trump gets elected, the new spin on the economy will be that everything is fine - no changes will be needed - the magic force of him taking charge will suddenly make all of those numbers make perfect sense.

Those people who have been left behind will lose their "voice". Once Donald Trump is elected it will be back to the business of the 1% - business as usual.
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The Priority Of Business Over People For The MN House GOP

Category: Economy
Posted: 03/07/16 07:08

by Dave Mindeman

The unemployment benefit situation in northern Minnesota reached critical mass some time ago. Gov. Dayton recognized that and wanted to call a special session to address it. But House Republicans blocked the initiative saying that it could wait until the upcoming regular session. No urgency in their mind. They would address it immediately once the session starts.

Alright, the session begins and already the House GOP is playing games with the issue. Now they want to add a tax cut....

The House Job Growth & Energy Affordability Committee passed a bill extending unemployment benefits for Iron Range workers for 26 weeks but included language that would cut taxes for the employers who furnish the state's unemployment trust fund that carries a $1.6 billion surplus.

Is that really necessary? Apparently the House GOP doesn't think this tax cut proposal can stand on its own merits. They have decided that they need to link it to something that Democrats are anxious to support.

This bill is kind of a microcosm of how the two legislative parties think.

First, the Republicans think that the lives of Iron Rangers are a negotiating tool. Northern Minnesota is hurting, but apparently not hurting enough to avoid the partisan games that they love to play.

Democrats believe this is, plain and simple, an urgent matter that is the right thing to do. They have justified reluctance to take money out of the unemployment fund, particularly when the budget surplus has been reduced because of a slow down in economic activity. If another recession were to hit us in the near future, the extra money in the unemployment trust fund would be a valuable resource to keep our budgets strong.

Again, it is about fiscal responsibility. The legislature needs to address the specific needs of its citizens, but it must also look to the future and make sound budget decisions that account for future problems.

In this one bill, you see that the GOP fails the above test on just about every level.

It has become an ongoing manta....the House Republicans have boasted about helping Greater Minnesota. They are the champions for those outside the Metro.

But they have failed to live up to that promise time and again. And with this bill, we have one more example to add.
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