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Washington & MN Wusses

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 08/01/05 22:05

by PDW58

So Norm Coleman thinks he needs to keep pushing the UN. Really now, Norm has the authority to launch a broad range of investigations in his committee. Isn't it odd that he can't seem to find anything to work on besides the UN? We had a leak that outed a CIA agent, but nobody did anything about that till the CIA issued its own referral. We have billions missing in Iraq. Tom Delay is getting kick backs from lobbyists. Guantanomo continues to be a black eye on American prestige. Yet, Norm keeps going back to Kofi Anann... in between votes for CAFTA and the Energy bill that is..

Anybody else getting sick of hearing the MN Republicans yammer about the Education budget increase and Health care maintenance, as if it was their idea all along???

Is there anybody in Congress more clueless than John Kline? He visits Guantanomo and proclaims it in great shape; he goes to Iraq and raves about the progress. He votes for CAFTA seemingly oblivious that he lives in Minnesota. What gives with that guy? Is there a more reliable "no think" vote out there?

Today Bush makes a recess appointment of Bolton. How arrogant is that?... Bolton is such an pathetic choice (for anything). Why appoint someone to be the ambassador to an organization that the appointee doesn't think should exist? That would be like appointing Rumsfeld chair of the Kucinich for President campaign.

Here is another lesson in stupid. We announced that 582 "alleged" gang members have been rounded up. The stupid thing is that it is Homeland Security head Chertoff making the announcement. The gangs represent "a threat to our homeland security", he says... They must be hurting for positive announcements in DHS. Now they get to announce Justice Dept items. Guess they want Chertoff to sound busy with Europe on pins and needles. What the hell are we accomplishing?

Hang in there!

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On Pollution and Science...

Posted: 07/31/05 13:19

by PDW58

There is an eye-opening article that leads the Trib this morning about the MN Pollution Control Agency. It would seem that they are following the lead of Big Brother in DC and letting industry dictate the pollution standards in this state. There is a law on the books that requires states to submit plans for reductions in mercury emissions from in-state sources. The MPCA plan consulted industry about the plan but denied input from environmental groups saying they could establish their case during the comment period. Sound familiar?

The new energy bill running through Congress is going to take us back to the "China Syndrome" days of yesteryear, as nuclear power gets the preferred "alternative" status. Why the heck can't the Midwest reps get together and force some of those porky billions to build transmission lines that utilize wind energy? Minnesota and other prairie states could make billions on it and it how many countries do you have to invade to import wind?

We seem to be getting another round of letters in the paper debunking evolution. You know, there is a fundamental philosophy difference between science and creationism. With creationism, confilicts are dismissed with "accept it on faith" while in science, they aren't afraid to say "I don't know, let me investigate". Progress ceases when faith is interjected as your only explanation-- so I'll take the "I don't knows" any day.

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Split GOP????

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 07/30/05 14:36

by PDW58

I'm a firm believer that politicians never take any action that hasn't been thoroughly vetted and examined for personal political effect. That is what makes Bill Frist's and Tim Pawlenty's recent stances so interesting. Frist hasn't made any secret of his desire to run for President. But when you are a Republican, that has generally meant you kiss the a**** of as many Christian conservatives as you can find. Enter stem cell research... Obviously, Frist knows something about the national polling on this and the Fundamentalists aren't on the +50 side. But why would he take such a public stance on something that is controversial and could make nomination difficult? My speculation would be that we are seeing the beginnings of a serious rift in the national GOP.

Then there's Tim Pawlenty.. he signed that no new tax pledge to get the GOP nomination. He essentially has broken it, if you believe in the influence of the Tax Evaders League. Again, this smells more like self-preservation than a person looking for a national stage. The same rift may be developing in this state. From these lips to God's ears.....

Just another thought on the Politics in Minnesota newsletter from the Janacek/Blois combo. They mentioned some made-up rumor that Molnau might want off the ticket next time... pure speculation based on some policy disagreements. The Trib goes off half-cocked and does a follow up with Molnau who promptly denies all of it. That is really giving Sara J. way too much credit... that crap was just filler.

Things have been quiet on the Coleen Rowley front... I'm sure everyone is wondering whether the money's going to be there. The first reporting period is going to be crucial.

With Hatch looking more and more like a gubernatorial candidate, the speculation might start on who's going to run as the DFLer for attorney general. I always thought that's what Matt Entenza has been gearing up for all along, but being so close to getting the Speaker job must be tempting. Personally, I don't think Entenza is Speaker material... he doesn't build trusting relationships with his own caucus and that is even more essential for the Speaker job. We will wait and see...

Till next time....

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