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Hodge Podge....

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 08/10/05 18:02

by PDW58

Congressman Kennedy can't even copy an article right.... he posts some AP articles on his website but edits out the "bad" parts. Come on! If you edit things to slant to your viewpoint, that's called a LIE. The AP got involved in this one, so I have the feeling that won't be happening again....

Coleen Rowley had a nice op-ed piece in the Trib... she's not going to hold back on her critique of the war. This is a good thing!

I like the headline in the Business section of the Trib today too. Health Cost Increases Slowing seems like a positive thing until you read furthur and see that it is merely a shifting of the costs to the consumer...up 15.3%...Ouch!

Saw an article that listed Cong John Kline's voting record at 94% in line with the President...(comes from Congressional Quarterly); believe it or not I think that is down from a couple years ago. Could Kline be feeling the Bush Polling Heat and using some safe "against" votes to change his record? Life in Congress won't be so easy if Johnny has to think about his votes...

Michael Chertoff is getting more obnoxious by the day. He thinks we need to relax about turning over personal information to the government when flying. His quote was, "Would you rather give up your address and date of birth to a secure database and not be pulled aside and questioned, or would you rather not give it up and have an increased likelihood that your're going to be pullled out of line and someone's going to do a secondary search of your bag and..ask you a lot of personal questions in the full view of everybody else?" Sorry Mike; if my address and birth date were all you wanted, I wouldn't be worried. Haven't we always had to show our driver's license before getting a boarding pass? It's the unlimited access you want that worries me..... I can't figure out why conservatives, of all people, would want this invasion of privacy???

We need something to counter the Center of the American Experiment... This conservative think tank in Minnesota is kicking into high gear. Now, they are setting up a website that conservative students can use to get information to challenge their "supposedly" liberal professors "orthodoxy"... they must be convinced that conservative students have no hope of thinking for themselves.


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Corporate World Order

Posted: 08/09/05 18:32

by Paul Bartlett

For decades, paranoid right-wingers have been obsessed with the
notion of world government. Their hatred of the United Nations is rooted in their fear that the UN may evolve into the planet's super government.

Now here's the irony: The pro-business right has created a self-fulfilling prophecy. The rush to internationalize trade, production, and labor, as further evidenced by the recent CAFTA approval, portends our future: the rise of parallel governments in the form of super corporations. We see it now; Exxon, Haliburton, GM, WalMart, etc. are loyal only to themselves.

The risk is not the emergence of a civil, world government, but of oppressive corporate control. Look around, we're very close. Every
out-sourced job and relocated plant is evidence that real decision
making is done in board rooms, not in legislative chambers.

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Legalities and other things...

Category: US Politics
Posted: 08/07/05 13:50

by PDW58

Its it kind of a dubious distinction that Minnesota is the last state in the nation to adopt the .08 alcohol limit. Makes you wonder how many other things we are going to be last in...

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals changed the election of judges in this state, allowing party identification and solicitation of funds. If you wonder what might happen, take an election in West Virginia last year. An incumbant judge, up for election, had a controversial case in which a child rapist was released from prison. A conservative group solicited funds to run an ad campaign against him -- the group took the name "for the Sake of the Kids". There is nothing inherently wrong with that except this group received a $2.5 million donation from Massey Energy Co. It was obvious that Massey wasn't interested in "saving kids".. no, they had an environmental case about to come up before the Supreme Court of West Virginia and this incumbant judge had a record "unfriendly" to mining interests. Minnesota could get more of the same and don't believe for one second this won't affect judicial decision making.

I was disappointed to see ACT fold its tent. This group did a huge amount of organizing during the 2004 campaign. One has to wonder if this could be part of the fall out from the AFL-CIO's internal divisions. ACT had a heavy labor contingent. Have to hope that other groups take up the mantle.

New York's Governor Pataki won't run for re-election next time. There is always the speculation that he was thinking of a presidential run, but my guess is, that if he looks at polling numbers, he will forget about that. AG Elliott Spitzer should be a shoo-in as the Democratic nominee for governor.... although, talk of Rudy Giuliani getting in has been rumored. That might be a tougher race.

Ohio has been embroiled in a real doozy of a political scandal involving the governor and some big contributors that used a "rare" coin investment with state money to funnel funds to various places. You have to wonder if that will make it difficult for Ohio Republicans to continue their dominance in state politics. If Ohio is really in play for 2008, the Democrats could really turn things around. We shall see how this plays out over time...

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