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Look Out GOP, We Have a Squealer!

Category: US Politics
Posted: 11/20/05 12:08

by Dave Mindeman

Michael Scanlon. Get used to that name because he is kind of like a political "missing link"....and the link is about to get very public.

The Jack Abramoff lobby scandal has been simmering under the surface for some time now. We know some pretty shady things have gone on regarding the money Abramoff cajoled out of deep pocket clients, like the Indian tribes. This money ended up in the coffers of Republican Congressman and the Bush re-election committee.

What will be discovered in this investigation could have deep implications on who controls Congress next year. Enter.. Michael Scanlon. Scanlon has clear links to Abramoff (as a lobbying partner) and the offices of Congressman Tom Delay (as a former top House aide).

Scanlon knows things and, to the discomfort of the Republican leadership, he has copped a plea. Yes... we have an insider who has agreed to spill his guts in exchange for pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

So far, we hear rumors about where this will go. Some subpoenas have been issued -- the first prominent name to surface is Rep. Bob Ney, R-OH. Also, Republican Representative John Dolittle of California's wife has been called to testify regarding her fundraising assistance for Abramoff.

Rumors of payoffs for access to Congress and even the White House are out there. It could get ugly and even a few Democrats may be affected. However, rest assured there won't be many because Jack Abramoff wanted to make sure the "moral values" of the GOP kept the power in Washington.

That must be values as in dollar signs.
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The Consequences of CAFTA

Category: US Politics
Posted: 11/19/05 11:03

by Paul Bartlett

Since the founding days of the John Birch Society, paranoid
right-wingers have fretted about "world government." Their hatred of the United Nations is largely rooted in their fear that the UN may
morph into the planet's sole governing authority (a job that Bush

With CAFTA fait accompli, modern day robber barons have likely created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not in the form of civil, secular
government, but by the emergence of international behemoth
corporations. Look around; Exxon, Halliburton, GM, WalMart ... they
portend the future. These corporate monsters are loyal only to
themselves and are concerned with only one thing: profit. CAFTA was opposed by both progressives and the John Birch Society. These unexpected bedfellows looked through different lenses, yet each saw the dark side of globalization.

Our government has ceded much of its authority in the areas of
environmental protection, workplace safety, fair wages, decent working conditions, etc. to the biggest bullies on the block. By allowing corporations to export their abusive behavior, in the name of free trade, we are all diminished. Every outsourced job and shuttered plant is symbolic of the new world order, and it's not the UN. The free trade movement has given rise to mega-corporations, to de facto parallel governments.

During his disastrous South American junket, Bush continued to
proselytize for globalization, guaranteeing us higher unemployment, a continued slide in real wages and standard of living, a dwindling middle class, menial job creation, and battered economic and agricultural sectors. American jobs are being shipped overseas faster than they can be replaced.

The right-wing is correct, we should fear world government. But it's
here, now. Just flip through the Wall Street Journal to locate your
"representative". You'll quickly realize that real authority now rests
in corporate board rooms, not in legislative chambers. What a sad and tragic irony.

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Fitzmus is Here Again...

Category: US Politics
Posted: 11/18/05 13:42

by Dave Mindeman

He's back. Patrick Fitzgerald is back again, and he's looking for a new grand jury. Reuters has reported that his comments about a new grand jury were contained in court filings in which he may allow some of the documents in the leak case to be made public.

So, the speculation will now begin. Is it just a coincidence that this filing comes just a few days after Bob Woodward's revelation that he heard Valerie Plame's name mentioned by a different high level administration official? or is this just the end result of the ongoing investigation of Karl Rove...

Mr. Fitzgerald has certainly been thorough in his investigative duties and at a much more reasonable cost than the grandiose, leak filled, Starr investigation of Clinton.

I hope we won't have to wait 2 years for this one... the stakes are high and the facts on this administration needs to be revealed... now.
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