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People In the News: In An Odd Way

Category: US Politics
Posted: 04/27/11 16:06

by Dave Mindeman

You know, some days are just odd....

Glen Taylor

Glen Taylor is on jury duty in Mankato. Maybe he should be on the jury for a case that is deciding if the Timberwolves are the biggest embarrassment in MN professional sports history. Of course, he'd have to recuse himself as the cause.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump says he is proud of himself for making Obama bring his long form birth certificate out in the open. Proud? I think Trump better start thinking about what he is going to do next for attention. Maybe he should take on the "Putin is a robot" theorists.

Ben Bernanke

I taped an hour of the Ben Bernanke (Fed Chair) press conference and will soon market it as the next cure for insomnia. Any investors?

Brodkorb vs. Anderson

On the Michael Brodkorb vs Pat Anderson kerfuffle regarding her taking a lobbyist job for racino which Brodkorb says is against the party platform. This could be a new reality show - When Narcissists Collide.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush was at the Capitol promoting the Florida education plan. Now, if Bush can pull that off, Minnesota should hire the guy and promote a new power point presentation for him - "I moved to Minnesota for the climate".

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