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The Rigged System Complainers Just Rigged Their Own System

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 03/01/18 16:10

by Dave Mindeman

Doggone it. I promised myself that I wasn't going to get into this CD2 endorsement thing again, but some things are just too crazy to ignore.

Jeff Erdmann has been losing out on nearly every major endorsement via the labor councils, women's groups, etc.

But he comes out this week with an endorsement from the Our Revolution group that came out of the Bernie Sanders movement. Which is great for him, but it is not that simple.

Our Revolution has local units. The CD2 version did not endorse for the cycle. Neither candidate (Angie Craig or Jeff Erdmann) got 60% in a close vote. Again, that's fine.

But this week, the state version of Our Revolution decided to endorse anyway with a unanimous vote of the state "board" or whatever they call it... directly bypassing the local CD2 group.

Maybe that is a normal process - although, as a new organization, they seem to be making this up as they go along. But here is my beef. This is made up of a lot of people who spent a lot of time on social media in 2016 yelling at the DNC about "rigging" elections. But here, where they have total control over the process, it ends up looking exactly that way.....rigged.

This is not Erdmann's fault as far as I can tell. And frankly, I had always assumed that he would get the local endorsement. But some over zealous supporters at the state level have made this situation look awfully bad.

One of Jeff Erdmann's main talking points throughout this campaign is that the system doesn't work for the average person. This particular process runs entirely counter to his main point of contention.

Like I said at the beginning, I didn't want to get into this endorsement process again - but I also said that when I see BS, I would call it.

This is.
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