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Sen. Gazelka's Freedoms Are Kind Of Mixed Up

Category: Gay Rights
Posted: 05/07/15 10:47

by Dave Mindeman

Senator Paul Gazelka is proposing an Indiana type "religious freedom" bill which allows business to discriminate against gays. Some of the quotes coming out of the news conference defy logic....

"This is not a bill to discriminate against gays and lesbians".

Why, yes it is.

"This bill is about allowing both sides to live as they please."

Uh, no, it is not.

I still find it astonishing that people might believe that they have a religious right to tell gay people they simply will not provide a business service to them.

Why is that OK? How does baking a cake or taking photographs violate YOUR religious beliefs?

Do divorce attorneys refuse adulterers as clients? (they'd go bankrupt)
Do bartenders refuse to serve alcoholics? (Maybe they should...)
Do we kick politicians out of office for lying? (Yeah, that's a good one)

The point is that Christians deal with people who, in their eyes, are terrible sinners all the time....and think nothing much about it. Except when it comes to gay marriage. For some reason that escapes me, this is where they draw the fictional line.

And there is a very simple explanation (and it is not religion) It is bigotry. They don't really give a rip about who another person marries, they just don't like gay people getting married. It makes them uncomfortable so they use religion as an excuse to hate.

And that is not fair to the Christian religion. All the sins that get outlined by Christians are never reasons to cause harm to the "sinner". Christianity is a message of love - except, apparently, when it comes to dealing with same-sex or transgender issues.

Then, suddenly, God's wrath is the prime motivation. We must defend the "sanctity" of marriage.

C'mon. Who are you kidding? You know that's bullsh*t. Everybody knows it. But still we have to have these political confrontations over something that we pretty much know has no reasonable place in public discourse.

Nobody is demanding that you change your mind on gay marriage. If you think its wrong then you have the religious right to believe that. That's where the freedom of religion will protect you. But if you act on that belief to violate the individual rights of others simply because you don't personally believe it is right yourself, then you are no longer protected by the first amendment.

20 years from now we are going to look back on these things and say, "What the heck were we thinking?"

The truth is...we weren't thinking.
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