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How Secure Are You In Your Religious Beliefs?

Category: Religion
Posted: 03/24/14 15:07, Edited: 03/25/14 13:56

by Dave Mindeman

I often find it amazing that fundamentalist Christians profess to be so sure about their faith - and yet are constantly threatened by everything around them....so much so that they feel the need to attack anything that does not agree 100% with what they profess.

How insecure are you in what you believe? Do you feel the need to object to a TV show (Cosmos) explaining the scientific principle of evolution? If you disagree with it and you feel confident in your disagreement, why should it matter? You don't see scientists objecting to the hours and hours of religious television on Sundays. They don't demand equal time. They and most everyone else is content with the marketplace of ideas. If Christians are confident in what they believe, then competing in that marketplace should be a privilege not a threat.

And why do conservative Christians believe that government health mandates is somehow a threat to their religious freedom? If you have a business that deals with the general populace, how can you expect your religious beliefs should somehow be imposed on everyone? No one is forcing YOU to take up contraception. No one is asking you to change your reproductive choices. But why do you feel it is your right to impose that belief on everyone else involved?

Religious beliefs are a deeply personal choice. For many people, those beliefs evolve (pardon the word choice) over time. But we still have to interact with society. Many Christians believe that how we personally live our life is an example to others - and maybe we can have an effect on other lives in that manner. But expecting to force others to adhere to our own personal beliefs by coercion is simply wrong - on all levels.

What I believe is my business. What you believe is your business. And we live in a country where personal beliefs really do matter. But we also live in a country that Constitutionally prevents religious imposition on everyone. That is a principle and too often, we have many people who believe religious freedom is the imposition of MY beliefs on YOU.

If you are secure about what you believe and you are comfortable that your beliefs comfort and protect you in your life, isn't that enough?
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