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The mission of mnpACT! is to build a progressive community based upon the core values of respect, dignity and opportunity, by educating people about progressive ideas, advocating for progressive issues, and electing progressive candidates to local, state and federal offices.

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Al Franken: So Far, He's Resolving This The Right Way...So Far
by Dave Mindeman

When the news about Al Franken and his sexual harassment charges broke, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Surely, not Al. OMG, he has been a leader on women's issues ever since he came to the Senate - both on women's rights and reproductive rights.

Leeann Tweeden's open letter was compelling and kind of gut wrenching. And then, the awful photo came and I thought - No, Al, that's not OK and not funny. What the hell were you thinking?

Then all the reactions came. They came fast and swift. Democrats . . .
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Bill Clinton Is Not An Example Nor An Excuse
by Dave Mindeman

The most used defense by Republican apologists for Roy Moore, Donald Trump, etc....is that Bill Clinton was a sexual predator that liberals defended and that he (Clinton) may have been worse than those accused now.

This is the only tactic left in any kind of defense of sexual harassment and abuse that Republicans have perpetrated and which they seem compelled to defend.

So, let's look at the case of Bill Clinton. Yes, Bill Clinton made some horrible mistakes. And there is no defense for his actions. None.

But Republicans, in their zeal to . . .
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Talking About Sexual Harassment At The Capitol
by Dave Mindeman

Let's talk for a bit about the recent sexual harassment charges that have come to public attention.

It is a complicated subject and you can take it in many directions depending on your personal perspective. And let's face it, in our flawed society the expectations from male and female perspectives can be vastly different.

John Gilmore, a conservative Republican writer, wrote a column for Alpha News that brings up some interesting points as he criticizes everyone involved. He says that there is too much politics involved while emphasizing ONLY political points of view. . . .
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Gun Safety Is Important - And We Are Still Failing To Act
by Dave Mindeman

The myriad of gun trolls that pervade the internet dismiss any argument about gun safety with a blizzard of arguments that never seem to center on what guns do.

The argument they make is that if you don't know the difference between a semi-automatic and automatic weapon, then you have no business in the debate.


Do semi-automatic and automatic weapons both kill? Do they kill large numbers of people in a short period of time? What else do we need to know? The technicalities (and there are many) that gun manufacturers . . .
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Lessons of 1972
by Dave Mindeman

I have been involved in politics since the George McGovern campaign. You remember that don't you? The anti-war candidate. The liberal's liberal. The victim of the Nixon subterfuge. I loved McGovern. He spoke real truth to power. He believed in liberal ideals. He would fight for the poor and downtrodden. He believed that Vietnam was a massive mistake.

He took the Democratic Party by storm and carried so many young people with him to.....

ignominious defeat.

The worst political thrashing I ever saw. Lost nearly every state. Lost the popular vote 37-61. It . . .
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